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Basic information of the school

School type: Private secondary bilingual school
Branch of study: 7902J74 - bilingual study
Identification number of the school: 651030
Entity identification number: 37804324
Form of the study: daily
Period of the study: 5 years
Educational languages: Slovak and English
Compulsory selected languages: Spanish, German, French
Talent examination:
- Test form (Slovak language and literature, Mathematics/Physics, English language, other subjects, general knowledge test)
Final examination (School leaving examination):
- Graduation in the fourth grade: Slovak language and literature
- Graduation in the fifth grade: English language and three to five professional subjects according to study plans of students
Accommodation and board:
- at boarding houses and canteens of closely located schools

School profile

The idea of founding of the secondary bilingual private school originates from September 2000, when the demand of bilingual secondary education was significantly increasing and proving as one of the most effective ways of entering European organizations. The school was established in February 2001 with the first educational term of 2001/2002. The educational process is bilingual. The students study in English from the very beginning of the first grade. Slovak language and literature, other foreign languages, Ethics, Aesthetics, and Civics are exceptions. Along with the tutorial lessons, from the second grade there are lectures in certain subjects (natural science and humanities).
The educational process comprises elements of the progressive education based on special assessment criteria, content of study, motivation of students and good relationships between teachers and students. We put a great emphasis on individual responsibility of students in terms of study and organization. The aim is to participate in educating young people in a way that, as graduates, they will be able to express themselves and their opinions in a sophisticated way. Furthermore, we emphasise the open-mindedness and empathy of students and that their opinions are informed by the ability to think “straight,” relevantly and logically. The graduate should be able to speak two foreign languages and continue studying at foreign universities. The teachers come from different countries, which gives cosmopolitan background. It provides students with an opportunity of getting to know different cultures and countries. The Secondary Grammar School is financed by school fees, state subsides and sponsors.

Characteristics of the school

The size of the school
Súkromné gymnázium is located at Vysokoškolákov 13 in Žilina in a school building owned by Obchodná akadémia sv. Tomáša Akvinského. There are nine classrooms, three offices, one specialized computer room, two specialized classrooms for the teaching of Chemistry/Biology and Physics/Mathematics respectively, a study room with library, one gymnasium and changing rooms equipped with showers, an outdoor playground (volleyball). There is free wi-fi available everywhere on the school. There are relaxation zones for our students, a shop as well. Students can use lockers where they can leave their shoes or coats. The reception near the entrance provides visitors, parents, students and teachers with information about the layout of the school. Further information can be found on various boards located around the school. There are also parking spaces available for students and visitors. Bilingual study programme takes five years. In the academic year 2014/2015, there are 136 students who attend lessons in groups of sizes ranging from 6 to 26 students. Every class has a class teacher responsible for pastoral affairs. Apart from Súkromné gymnázium, there is another institution based in the same building, on the second floor – Obchodná akadémia sv. Tomáša Akvinského.
The students at our school are 14 to 20 years old, in some exceptional cases also older. The majority of them live in Žilina, however, there are students from nearby regions and towns such as Martin, Púchov, Považská Bystrica or Kysucké Nové Mesto, or other more distant places. Apart from students of Slovak nationality, there are students of other nationalities as well.
In the academic year 2015/2016 there are 20 teachers. Two are on maternity leave at the moment and one is part-time teacher. The management structure is divided into senior management, i.e. the Head Teacher and Special Assistant for Education, and middle management, which includes Deputy of the Head Teacher for Pedagogic Affairs, Deputy of the Head Teacher for The Technical and Economic Affairs, the Economist, heads of subject departments, Educational Advisor, Head of the Centre for Extra-curricular Activities, class teachers and Language Coordinator. Teachers work within particular departments. The staff meet regularly at monthly meetings, then quarterly at assessment meetings and once a year at a methodological seminar. All teachers are professionals with qualifications in English and their subjects. Their teaching experience ranges from 5 to 25 years. A lot of teachers have a list of publications, successful student participants in national competitions and all are real enthusiasts for their profession.
Admission Procedure
Pupils attending years 8 and 9 of primary school can apply for the study. Entrance tests are usually held in April. 24 places in one class are available for the next academic year – 2016/2017. The entrance exams are in the form of a written test. It consists of 70 tasks from the following subjects: English language, Slovak language, Maths, Physics, Natural Science (Biology and Chemistry), Geography, History and Civics. Admission is subject to achieving minimum of 50% in the written test. Apart from these, applicants are given points for achievements in national competitions (e.g. subject contests, olympiads, sport achievements, etc.). The complete criteria for admission can be found on the school website – www.ssag.sk. In case that not enough applicants meet the admission criteria in April, another round of entrance exams is held in June. These follow the same procedure.
Final School Leaving Exams – Maturita Examination
The final school leaving exams are held in accordance with the legal regulations. In their 4th year of study, all students take Maturita from Slovak language. In the 5th year they all take an exam from English language, and they can choose a minimum of two more subjects. Their school leaving reports are issued in two languages: English and Slovak. Cooperating with Štátna jazyková škola (State Language School), students have the opportunity to gain the State Exam Certificate in English language (two levels: Basic or/and ESP). Our school also provides an opportunity for students to prepare for international language certificates such as IELTS or Cambridge Certificate.
Cooperation with parents and other partners
In terms of students’ needs, problems or some other issues, the school communicates with parents on a regular basis. There is always an opportunity to discuss the matters with the class teachers, subject teachers and management at regular Parents’ Meetings. Apart from these, the School’s Council (Rada školy) is the official representative of parents, and it is also the school’s valuable partner. In terms of pedagogy, we cooperate with other institutions such as Štátna jazyková škola (State Language School) in Žilina, other grammar schools during the Maturita Examination, University of Žilina, and we participate in various programmes concerning prevention, extra-curricular activities or sports activities. Furthermore we participate in a wide range of support, development, diagnostic or self-educating projects.
Safety and health protection
Safety and health protection at school is provided by external company LB-prevencia Ľuboš Banas which organises seminars about fire precautions and safety regulations for all employees. They are also responsible for all the documentation connected with safety and health protection at school, and they also carry out regular inspections. The Head Teacher is responsible for cooperation with this company. At the beginning of each academic year, our students are provided with insurance in case of an injury or minor theft, they are informed about the school rules, safety regulations, fire precautions and the code of behaviour during activities organised by school.


Súkromné gymnázium / Private Grammar School
Oravská cesta 11
010 01 Žilina
Phone numbers
Secretariat: 041/3812892